Emergency Alerts

Welcome to Ƶ Alerts

RAVE Mobile Safety logoYou’ve been added to Ƶ Alerts, Ƶ’s emergency notification system. Ƶ uses this system to make announcements for weather closings as well as other campus emergencies through text messaging, emails and automated voice calling. This system is automatically enabled on your account after registering for a course. 

To stop receiving text messages, text STOP to 67283.
This will prevent any text messages from Ƶ Alerts.

Customize Alerts

RAVE my account user screenLogin with your Ƶ account

Upon login, you’ll see your personal profile, and can add additional phone numbers, emails or tailor your alert preferences to receive texts or not.

On the “My Account” page you can set phone numbers and email addresses.

On the “Groups” page you can tailor your message delivery options. If you do not wish to receive text messages, you can remove the check from alert by text.

RAVE Groups screen

RAVE mobile phones screenTo remove a phone number, click the Red X at the end of the "mobile phones" line on the "my account" page, then follow the on screen instructions to delete phone contact.

RAVE delete phone contact confirmation message

Ƶ will conduct periodic tests of ƵAlerts. 


What kind of messages will I receive?

Ƶ Alerts will only be used for emergency communications to advise and inform you of situations requiring immediate action or evacuation. Some messages may also inform you of school closings due to weather conditions.

What is my user name?

Your username should be your Ƶ e-mail address, or for employees, your computer login. 

What if I only want to receive texts, but not phone calls or emails?

Your notification preferences can be changed at any time. You may choose to only receive certain forms of notifications.