WebCentral Help

WebCentral is Ƶ's portal for communicating with currently enrolled students and employees.

It's where you go to check on college events and news.

Students go to WebCentral:

  • For information about financial aid and their student account status.
  • To see the college catalog and student handbook.
  • See the college academic calendar with important dates like last day to add classes and student breaks.
  • Search for classes and register.
  • Request transcripts.
  • And much more.

Employees use WebCentral:

  • To access Time Clock.
  • Access SharePoint to find college forms and information about college committees and departments.
  • Access the employee help desk.
  • Find the guest password.
  • To schedule rooms.
  • Use Turnitin.com.
  • Update Canvas.
  • And much more.

College forms are not included on the Ƶ website, so please use WebCentral to search in SharePoint.

If you need additional assistance, please contact the Ƶ Helpdesk.

WebCentral Quick Guide for Students

Log in to WebCentral

User Name

Your user name is your first name (as entered in the college system) followed by the last 5 digits of your student ID number. (Lowercase with no spaces)

Example: John Doe, Student ID-0123456 USER ID: john23456 

Password: Your initial password is: 

The letters and symbol ‘Ƶ#’ followed by the last 6 digits of your social security number. The 'Ƶ' must be capitalized! 

Example: S.S. Number: 222-33-4444, password: Ƶ#334444 

If you do not have a social security number, your initial password is the letters and symbol 'Ƶ#' followed by the entire seven digits of your student ID number (include any zeros at the beginning.) The 'Ƶ' must be capitalized! 

Example: Student ID #: 123 Password: Ƶ#0000123

Please be sure to set up a new password the first time you log in.

My Services Tab


MyƵ Services page look

Student Planning

  1. My Progress--view degree requirements, schedule required courses into semesters 
  2. Plan & Schedule 
    • Schedule 
      • Plan times for classes 
      • Register for classes 
      • View class schedule 
      • Drop classes through first day of semester 
    • Timeline 
      • View planned courses by semester 
      • Move planned course to different semester 
      • Delete planned courses from semester 
      • Check final grades
    • Notes 
      • Communicate with Advisor 

Unofficial Transcript 

  • Located under the Student Planning tab 
Student Planning

To get started: Click on My Services > MyƵ> Student Planning

View Your Progress

Adding a class to a semester

  • Click on the class or the search button
  • Select add course to plan
  • Choose a term
  • Add course to plan

Plan Your Degree & Register for Classes

  • Use the left and right arrows to find the semester to register
  • Filter sections to see availability of courses by location
  • To remove a planned course, click on the 'x' and confirm removal
  • The drop button is available from the day registration opens through the first day of the semester
  • View other sections to see available class times
  • Registered classes will appear in green on the grid
  • Click the course with the yellow hazard symbol to find out the warning for this section. 
  • Once the plan is set, select the "Register Now" button

It is vital that you check your Ƶ email account daily. Important college information is communicated through this account. Your Ƶ email address is: <your user name>@cccneb.edu Example: john23456@cccneb.edu

Need help? Call the Service Center at 308-398-7999